Better Late than Never, That’s How it Works around Here

We are already 10 days into 2013. A year ago I left for Australia on this date. How I ache when I recall the fantastic memories from that trip. This year I am fighting a cold in the freezing cold in inverted air that is more polluted than Beijing. Seriously, we are down right cold and dirty. I haven’t driven anywhere in three days, it hurts me to breathe outside. The frozen pollution particulates feel like sandpaper scrubbing my throat. Before Christmas, before the air got turned inside out, we took a family adventure to Cozumel. That is the fifth time in two years that I have been there. The first for the boys. And I’m not kidding that we had to beg to get them to go. What young adult turns their parents down for an all expense paid trip to the Mayan Riviera? Apparently my children. I tell you, the way I thought I was going to be as a mother and how my family is turning out is nothing like I imagined. But once we arrived they were incredibly grateful and enjoyed themselves. Chase passed his Nitrox course. Land found the skatepark. The diving together was great until one day Land took a stroll down the beach to take photos and was bit quite severely by a stray dog. In Mexico. Aribe. We had to trust the doctor that there is no incidence of rabies on the island. He had to load up on antibiotics and ibuprofen. He gathered major sympathy from the other young adults who were vacationing with the parents. And so he just rested and partied and whatever while the rest of us dove. It is always something. We made it back to Utah and drove to my dad’s on Christmas Eve. We stayed up quite late and slept in and prepared ourselves a delicious Christmas brunch. It was glorious and sunny. Overall a good holiday. We are trying to back away from extreme gift-giving… we’ve been extremely guilty of that in the past. This year I found Chase a rare book and a bargain down jacket. Land was gifted a bargain wool peacoat and I found film and a battery for his 1968 Polaroid Land Camera. Yeah I was a hit. Double digits was all I spent on their holiday outlay. (oops, that doesn’t include the beach week) Well, happy New Year. I’m still trying to understand all the features of this new blog format. Big ideas at the beginning of the year. Baby steps, baby steps.