I went and became a flight attendant.

And I have had a big long break between ground training and actually working flights…

So I took advantage of those flight benefits.

SLC, LGB, SFO, SLC, DCA, ATL, CZM, MSY, SLC — in twelve days.

One layover in particular was especially surprising. We needed to get to Atlanta by 9:45am but all the flights out of Salt Lake were full to overflowing. So we ran to a gate down the way and boarded a flight to DC. Arriving well after midnight and needing to get back to the airport at 5:00am it seemed particularly wasteful to pay for a hotel for a catnap. Our solution… rent a car. Our luggage could be stowed. We could rest. And we could tour the Capitol City. And that we did.

Recent college graduates were milling about, couples walking along. Warm, not too heavy air. I ran up and down the stairs toward Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped out of the solid stone. I traced the circle of the WWII monument. Jefferson said hello. The Washington Monument had braces.

I feel conflicted about monuments. They are monstrous, why? In the shadowy night air they became intimidation… super human, super hero fantasyland. One illuminated giant after another… and me so small skipping about.

The best thing about this night… it reminded me when we were first dating. Spontaneous and full of youthful energy. We were the giants of our life. A super human fantasyland. After 25 years we’ve still got it.

Of course, I dropped my hard drive and it is now in data recovery and so I will post photos when it is rehabbed. Cross your fingers.

2 thoughts on “Flying”

  1. Sounds like so much fun to be so spontaneous. It’s good for the soul.
    What route are you going to be on?
    I didn’t injure myself because of burpees. I just overworked my legs that day and it caused my SI to tell me it had had enough. I think it’s been getting tight over a long time so it may take a little time to get things all aligned and stable.

  2. I’m so happy for this new chapter in your life’s story. It is such an adventurous, go-get-’em move that it’s invigorating just to read about it. God bless you as you take to the skies and spread your own brand of creativity and joy and good energy to travelers. I hope to find myself on one of your flights someday.
    Thank you for thinking of me and leaving a comment on my blog.

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