Art Rack


Getting my creative on. I bought this patterned board at our local Gardner’s Market from talented textile designer and artist Holly Zollinger. It was in my office at the University and has been homeless since I left teaching. The hooks are from our old house in Wellsville. I stripped about a million layers of paint off of them and have carried them around for ten years. The two have finally come together and the bath has a new towel rack.

5 thoughts on “Art Rack”

  1. these are the same hooks from old Garfield Elementary. I have the same ones in my entry and now in my workout gymnasium.
    Looks good and has your unique style.

    1. I did notice the hooks when I stayed at your house… you are a big inspiration. I love that you have a workout gymnasium.

  2. Love it DeAnn! I’ve always been inspired by your design and style and am a bit envious of your talent. We ( the sisters) and I always say “don’t you just love DeAnn’s (whatever new and awesome little thing you’ve done to change things in your home)”. Hope it is starting to look a little like spring in your neck of the woods.

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