The boys have left the nest… sort of. I’m not adjusting too well, but there are some shifts in the scenery around here. Their teenage haven party room boy grossness decor is being decimated. It was a good run while it lasted but now the graffiti is painted over, except for a few favorites, and a bright color luscious studio slash guest suite is emerging. I’m executing this on a fairly non-existent budget and so I have hunted and gathered a beat up brass bed and giant hand loomed rug from the antique store to freshen up the joint. I’m adding pink to the palette. As a mother of sons this is a first. I bought some Eames chair and other mid-century designer letterpressed cards from the Kirkland Museum in Denver a few weeks back and trimmed them up to fit in some gaudy shiny frames. I am pleased by the contrast, the disjointed oldness and newness thrown together, color and form the constant that holds it together. Hmmm… sounds like this free flying family of mine.

Things are a changing around here.

3 thoughts on “Dichotomy”

  1. The candy colored rug is 6’x 9′ and cost 39.00 because of a small stain on one side. It had been marked down from 225.00 and although I’m not opposed to paying full price for craftsmanship, I probably wouldn’t have gone all pretty in pink unless it was a steal.

  2. I love what you’re doing there – so fresh, pure, inviting and open. Do you have any “before” photos? Your description of it is vivid.

    Blessings on your “empty” nest – my guess is that it won’t stay that way. You will have visits and gatherings and sleepovers, new blessings will enter that nest, and you will adjust. When they told me that it all goes so fast, I didn’t believe them…but it is true.

    1. Cliche maybe, about it going so fast, but certainly true. I had a tinge of guilt as I was painting that perhaps I was trying to cover up their existence in the house. I have a few before pictures… maybe I’ll dare post them. I’ll get some from Land… he took some “artistic” photos before it all disappeared.

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